Parking Decks

The ALTO hangar carousels for aircrafts and jets rotate circular floor space in almost any dimensions. It can be integrated in existing or planned hangars. Any aircraft parked on it is relocated automatically into door position within a minimum of time.

These are the benefits:
• no more hangar rash
• fast and easy to operate – one man handling
• no more manual airplane relocating
• only one taxiway and no apron needed for outside parking
• most efficient use of hangar and land space
• only one small hangar door needed for 8 airplanes
• minimized space consumption per parked airplane

These are the details:
• Basic steel construction in different sizes
• wooden surface, anti-slip and impervious to all aircraft fluids
• motors and castors virtually maintenance free
• exact plans for foundations and ground works
• adressable parking deck positioning system consisting of touch pad,
card reader and writer, lcd-display and electronic equipment
• 2 years warranty
Our standard sizes are 22m and 24m in diameter for small aircraft and 30m or 32m for business jets up to 10t MTOW. Alternative requirements can be met upon request.