Master Planning of small airports and General & Business Aviation Areas

Over the years, our comprehensive masterplanning and positioning services for buildings on airports have developed to become a second, equally important business unit. We consult and carefully plan GA areas and buildings according to an holistic approach, taking into account all important aspects:

Improvement of space efficiency:
• Minimizing sealed ground
• Maximizing potential parking slots
• Development of a demand orientated mix of parking slots

Cost minimizing:
• Minimizing of operational building costs
• Minimizing of operational costs of aprons and taxiways
• Minimizing of costs and maintenance of outside facilities
• Minimizing of follow-up costs of all constructions
• Integration of underground construction measurements
• Optimization of landside access

Long term approach:
• Development of multistep development plans
• Reservation of real estate for different user groups
• Flexible integration of long term development strategies
• Optimization of lines of sight

Design / architecture:
• conceptual design / development of design charters
• Integration of secondary functions as GAT, restaurants, playgrounds, outlooks, etc.