M√ľnster - Telgte Airport

Two 25m x 25m ALTO CUBIC hangar with 24m diameter rotating decks for 8 aircrafts.
Renovation Services.

Date 2002/ 2006/ 2010:

Project description I:
For the new ALTO Cubic hangar, a masterplan was developed to determine the best placement. The plan contained possible new hangar constructions and enlargements, the relocation of fire fighters water pool and the constructive connection to the adjacent circular hangar by building a small gangway. The project was handed over turnkey at the initially planned costs without any delay.

Project description II:
In 2006 an old, large shelter had to be renovated. ALTO carried out all architecture services, from planning, new building statics to project supervision.

Project description III:
In May 2010, ALTO received the order to built a new ALTO Cubic hangar, exactly like the one in 2002. The ground works are supposed to start in August.