Bielefeld Airport

Master plan, tower building, small restaurant, hangars

1995-2000, 2002, 2008

Project description:
The Bielefeld airport has been completely reconstructed over the last 10 years.
Based on a masterplan that was developed and implemented by the airport's general
management and our architects, the following projects have been completed:

- Development and execution of a step stone water management concept,
using decentralized infiltration.
- Reconstruction of the hangar floors in the existing and remaining hangars.
- Construction of a new fuel station
- Planning and Construction of a new tower – and administration building
- Construction of two new 25x50m hangars with 2 circular parking decks each
- Construction of a 25x54m hangar with 2 circular parking decks in 2005.
- Construction of a new maintenance hangar and a single hangar (king air) with extra rooms,
bi-fold doors for the Oetker Company.
- Installation of restaurant facilities in the former administration premises
- Input for various infrastructure projects, such as web cams, a weather reporting facility,
parking, children's playground, taxiways, etc.
- Construction of a glider hangar facility 2005/ 2006.


Flughafen Bielefeld EDLI